Care = Parents / someone who is concern in what you do!!

The reason I wrote parents above was just to observe its meaning, it was the best example any one could think about!

Care, a four letter word which has great meaning to it, this word has so much warmth that it could en-light life when it touches. This word is a symbol of being togetherness, showing and caring for the one you love, in other words it’s your demonstration of feelings, that feeling which cannot be explained through words. In a relationship care plays a massive role in bonding two hearts together.

Care or concern for something or someone

Many are fortunate enough that people care for them; some are not, this implements to mostly who are favorites in every family, like a new born, they get all the care from every member in the family as they are innocent and are prone to danger. Other favorites are the one who runs the family, everyone from their mom, dad, wife, children care for them and respect them, friends also have a sense of care between them, there are so many examples the list goes on and on.

God has grace us all with this unique ability to care for something we are attached to, someone we love, something we do not want any harm to. It’s a embrace that every human on this earth requires, let it be rich or poor, godman or a beggar. This sense of concern is a major cause of living /livelihood.

I may have been able to just express my through with the above opinion I have scribe through my experience, but I would love to hear from you guys “what this feelings means to you? Does caring for someone good or bad? Does getting all the care good or bad?”

13 thoughts on “CARE

  1. Well Its the best feeling and cannot be express … yes caring for some is good but you have to choose the one who deserves it !
    I like the write work … and in all a big thumbs up !


  2. I was reading through the post and it just kept me into it till the end !! well scripted …
    Care is a wide topic and you can write a series on it !! Awaiting your next post !


  3. Care is one of those topics in which you can write a book n still not be satisfied !! but how well have you described this is just commendable !!


  4. Care is topic which is quite inspiring to write on ! i read your blog and it has inspired me to research more on it ! thanks for the post


  5. I have read so many content on the topic of the blogger lovers but this paragraph
    is in fact a nice post, keep it up.


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