Believe in You

Yes, this post marks my return in the blogging arena. It has been quite some time or maybe a year or so that I have been out of action in terms of my blog writing habits. Hmm while writing this I was thinking what should I write about, then I thought that it would be best if I just keep on writing till I think about something, here you go, yes this is it! Guys a little sneak-peak at “how you want things to happen your way but this world just doesn’t let you do it”.

You need to fight, argue, snatch, beat, scratch, knockout your opponent to make things work your way, understanding seem to be simple word, but only for you, others think this word does not exist. Compromise is made to come your way in such an obvious manner as if you loved it like no other; it’s just the name of the game. You have power, you just own anything and if you don’t, you struggle till you get to the point when you’re totally exhausted and give up. This is what the word”Power” means. Till the time you really realize that you lack “Power” you are totally knocked over.


Till you don’t have an edge over things, you think that you are still to reach somewhere, but in making up your mind for that, you forget what you have gone through, people are just worried about achievement not so about the journey that made them 1 step closer to that achievement.

Compressing it as a summary, there is a real lack of broad and open minded people in your surroundings, who are not worried by how others look, smell, feel, behave, obey and communicate, socialize and so on and forth. Now, people see this as a problem too, why is he/she so broad minded, they would add, ‘uhh he/she is a lazy brat, doesn’t have social and commercial ethics’ and lack of interest just seems as a taboo move!!!

People evolve because they had the ability of acute curiosity, why this, why not that, what if this, what if that, a person who thinks like this is considered as a future thinker, deep thinker, evolution maker. What I personally feel is breaking the ice at the right point is what you need to do, other than thinking and thinking and thinking over how to break the ice and eventually you end up seeing the ice melting to water. Hahaha this is what people who are committed to go by timetable suffer, they just don’t seem to do something new or explore something new every day, they are just too stuck with their time table.

20 thoughts on “Believe in You

  1. Gosh this is 2 year old baby now !! 🙂 I thought whats wrong with Aazi .. I read his last post a couple of days back .. was in some kind of Koma after hitting the shower spray while taking a pleasure bath to cut down the sweaty … itchy .. and irritating heat of my city ?? 😀
    And then I Sherlocked the post 😉 to find its day before yesterday was its 2nd birthday !! 🙂

    its good to revive old memories 😉
    I will tell you one thing my dear friend.. we face competition whatever we do since we are children … academics then extra curricular and then art dance … everywhere our parents and teachers want us to compete to be the best ..
    and thats how after we join jobs or businesses . some mentors be it our fathers or .. bosses want us to be the black horse winning the race !!
    Its competition some love it themselves since childhood . They dont even need mums and dads and teachers to boost them up !! Good in everything !!
    Its an attribute .. competing itself is a passion for few… mine may be just drawing ( just an example 😀 ) yours just poetry and stories .. someone else may just love bird watching ..I dont really feel like competing with anyone and on the contrary I love complimenting other cartoonists and doodlers lot better and a little like me as well 🙂 .. most of the time is spent enjoying my own doodling !! 🙂
    I have left the rat race to pursue what my heart likes and I know no matter what I am lot more content today compared to what I was a couple of years back defeating other competitors by all means!
    There is no competition and only appraisal when we are doing what we like to rather than what we are prepared for since childhood !!
    A doodle Idea knocked !!
    Thank You!! 🙂


    1. OMG .. you have written a small post here … but truly you have mentioned it correctly that competition is what thrive us to work harder and this is what we were taught from the childhood days … thanks for your beautiful thoughts and reading my scribble !


      1. I always await your posts dear philosopher friend !! U make sense , a lot and I could go about writing another 3000 words till i realized I am getting carried away 😀
        thanks to your fresh , from the heart writing !!


  2. We cannot be reminded often enough to enjoy the moment and the journey and forget about aggression, competition and winning.


  3. I endorse your thoughts in so far as the social / peer pressure that you talk of with regard to conforming to the stereotype. Welcome back to blogosphere. Wish to read more such thought provoking articles of you.


  4. Az, I have to agree with My Say… I was shocked by the same fact… But I am a big big fan of Sherlock Holmes… Well, I enjoyed your article a lot… Thank God, that now at least you post regularly… 🙂


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