How Google Started Off

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What began as a project helmed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two Stanford University graduate students.The program is currently one of the most influential in the World Wide Web: Google. First, the target students werer to make an effective search engine, allowing users to provide relevant links  in response to search queries. While the main objective, which remains today on Google, the company provides services ranging from e-mail and documents software for storage performance and mobile telephony operating systems. Less than a decade, Google has become a two-person company in several billion dollars society. Today, the popularity of Google continues to grow. In 2007, Microsoft also exceeded the most visited site on the Internet. All webmasters who want their site on the top list of  Google’s search results pages (SERPS) the more traffic in respective web site the better and the popular it gets. Google also acquired other Internet companies, ranging from service blogs Video website YouTube. Over time, the company
search technology from competitors, including the authority to search
engines – Yahoo! was based on a Google search on the e-mail four years to develop its own search engine technology in 2004.Google influence, not only on the Internet. In 2007, the leaders announced their intention to
in the FCC auction of wireless spectrum 700 megahertz (MHz) band. As part of the wireless network analog spectrum previously owned by television broadcasters.”Google said that the representatives of The Company entered the auction to promote competition in wireless industry. Google supports the approach to wireless technologies that consumers can use this device with a supplier, rather than faced with limited contact and preferred suppliers. To participate in the auction, Google had to demonstrate its readiness to respond to Reserve price range at 4.6 million dollars. Ultimately, Google does not win the auction. However, the company achieved its primary objective – Verizon, which won the tender, should follow the approach in the Google technology would be open.

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  1. inspiring !! I have been longing to know about Internet God and how it evolve and how exactly things shape up !! I dont know if u r too young to have ever used Alta Vista .. thats what i got introduced to as a small kid!! 🙂 then took over God !! 🙂


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