Hot Tea, Coffee May Increase Throat Cancer Risk

Tea has been touted for its potential health benefits for millennia, but new research shows if you drink it too hot, you may end up increasing your risk for esophageal cancer.

Doctors have long wondered whether very hot beverages increase the risk for squamous cell esophageal cancer. Considering the many things people eat and drink, studies have come back mixed on the hot drink and cancer connection.

throat cancer

But in the Golestan Province in Iran, people tend to drink just two beverages: water and very hot tea. The people in the province a lso tend to have anabnormally high rate of esophageal.

9 thoughts on “Hot Tea, Coffee May Increase Throat Cancer Risk

  1. Thanks for this info on throat cancer risk. Drinking very hot drinks is something many of us are doing without much thought about it, but it is logical there could be a risk, especially considering how much coffee many people drink.


  2. please show pictures of throat cancer. I have a black spot on my upper throat,and when i swolloe it feels rough and its sore


  3. I just found out I have several large masses on the right outside of my thyroid. The Dr’s say its not my thyroid and now i have to go see a throat specialist do u think it could be cancer? The Dr’s told me due to the size thats what they are leaning towards. Now what?


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