Characteristics Of People Born in July

Here is a close look at the Characteristics Of People Born In The Month Of “July“. These are some of the many points on which you’ll find these peoples nature most likely.

Born in July

* Fun to be with
* Secretive
* Difficult to fathom and to be understood
* Quiet unless excited or tensed
* Takes pride in oneself
* Has reputation
* Easily consoled
* Honest
* Concern about people’s feelings
* Tactful
* Friendly
* Approachable
* Very emotional
* Tempramental and unpredictable
* Moody and easily hurt
* Witty and sarky
* Sentimental
* Not revengeful
* Forgiving but never forgets
* Dislike nonsensical and unnecessary things
* Guides others physically and mentally
* Sensitive and forms impressions carefully
* Caring and loving
* Treats others equally
* Strong sense of sympathy
* Wary and sharp
* Judge people through observations
* Hardworking
* No difficulties in studying
* Loves to be alone
* Always broods about the past and the old friends
* Likes to be quiet
* Homely person
* Waits for friends
* Never looks for friends
* Not aggressive unless provoked
* Prone to having stomach and dieting problems
* Loves to be loved
* Easily hurt but takes long to recover
* Overly concerned
* Puts in effort in work

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217 thoughts on “Characteristics Of People Born in July

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  2. hi aziz ampanwala thanks for ur explanation of most characterisic about those born in the month of july,im greatful.

    thanks julius eriyo from nigeria (born in july 10th)

  3. You just said every thing about my characters,i get hurt easily but take time to recover.Now i know how to control my self.God bless you

  4. I always wait for friends, very quiet unlessprovoked,love to be alone,and I have big dieting problems, oh and I definitely work hard.

  5. was born on the 1st and im such a cry baby, but ill scracth ur eyes out if you mess wit me…but i believe alot of what was said

  6. Thank God I was born in the month of july. I never new I have all this trait. Not until I came across this. A̶̲̥̅♏. So happy.

  7. Thank God I was born in the month of july. I never new I have all this trait. Not until I came across this. A̶̲̥̅♏. So happy. July. 30th ‎​Ȋ̝̊̅§ for me

  8. It 97.3% true.Dnt judge t wrong because if you don’t see all this manifested in you(july born) it is happening in others.Am hapi to be a JULY BORN KING.JOIN ME CELEBRATE MY BIRTHDAY EVERY 30TH OF JULY EVERY YEAR.clark ronald is ma facebook name.

  9. Actually if i had known about this tip of my birthmonth, i wouldnt have involved myself in this diabetes & ulcer of a thing. Nevertheless i am grateful to GOD for keeping me and making me to be part of JULY.

  10. this is exactly how i am all these days i was trying to put my nature inot words but could not, thanks for giving me words for my nature.

  11. this is exactly like my friend easily gets hurts and takes long to recover pls i offended him and i want him back but he is still mad at me what do i do.secondly can you tell me about those born in may

  12. Am a member of those that were previlage to born in the month of july. I was born on the 27th of july, 1989 to Mr. And late Mrs. Effefiong Ekpo Okon an Appostle in the body of christ in The Apostolic Church by the grace of almighty God am the last born in the family of ten, five male and five female all alive till today. I also have to thank my God for his grace and for crossing i and my family to the year 2013 i say may his name be priase in Jesus name Amen

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  14. Menh!! Who ever did dis an ancent wizard zeed would like to meet with you coz ure damm right about it all. John noonii. july 14 tins

  15. Wow! This is as real as REAL. Born 10th july and so happy to have a birthday mate. Nice artice and also 100% correct. Cheers

  16. Wel dis great, i reccomend some credits/appraisers 4 u. My addition by the spirit of God is that they are great people & God has a purpose 4 them all

  17. I dnt knw hw u guys were able to write those stuff out. About july born. Cuz some of those characteristics listed out. Are true about me. (From Nigeria)

  18. OMG..that is real me. i wonder even my STOMACH problem is there..
    any body who was born on
    10 july 1994 find me on facebook, name
    [lucas nsumba ] am from Tanzania (east africa)

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  20. except 2 thing.i like friends whose mentality matched with me,
    and i m not a homely person…i love to ravel live in nature…

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