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Ode to Fellowship

I am hopping between lines
from left to right
don’t know where to stop
trying to land just right

In hope to balance things
i juggle between work n life
not just to please my self
but to find something insight

I am blessed to have people
who love me the way i am
not trying to pretend
let me discover my own self

the world is loud
full of imposing events
somewhere i try to fit in
hoping they will understand

sometimes i feel that
my wait is over for something ,
i always wanted in life,
but, the next moment
life pulls me back

the seesaw of ups and down
now don’t effect me that much
life has made me tough enough
to face these blistering hypes

I don’t know what life and destiny
has in store for me
but all i want is a pleasant time
which helps me live life

I am glad that i have your fellowship
which made worst time seem a wind
thanks for being there
and helping me fight the blue seas.

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App Banking with Axis Bank

I am talking about 10 years back, few things which came to my mind when dad used to say beta lets go to the bank, it sound boring, lethargic and you knew the reason why your dad is taking you to the bank, basically it was less of a learning experience and more of a standing in the Q experience.

 Well banking has turned tables surprising when it comes to adopting new and secure technology and constantly updating themselves with time, in the prominent list of adaptability with cutting edge technology comes the name of a familiar and growth oriented AXIS Bank.

Axis bank to what I know  as a customer have always adopted according to the customer behavior time and time again, to add to the list they recently updated their app on mobiles with compatibility to every smart phone OS that includes Andriod, Apple, windows, blackberry.

To give a brief about their updated app and super cool features Axis Bank decided to have chai pe charcha session with bloggers from Blogadda portal, sounds very boring doesn’t it, however it was not the case as the host Mr. Parminder Panesar – Head – Media relations at Axis Bank made us feel at home (almost) with his casual chats yet precisely pointed features of the app that I shall brief below, some of the feature which really got my attention and  other banking app still need to work on:

 1) Registration:

The app registration is almost like a piece of cake, convenient and hassle free, there are 3 options to choose from:

A) If you know your debit card details, you can register OR

B) Net Banking Credentials will work too


 2) Securely yours:

* You can only register one account per device at a time and that too your register sim card needs to be in the device, which I feel is a very secure oriented feature and this will help in keeping phishing off bay.

* A good feature in regards to security is even if your phone is idle for 5 minutes the app automatically logs off, considering that the user might not have the phone with him, I am impressed -details so minimal yet a possible threat is worked upon at Axis Bank.

* Setting the transfer limit, for the 1st time app download OR New registration, a limit is set to 30,000.00 which can be changed from a week time considering security reasons, and after that you can change and set your transaction limited upto 10,00,000.00.

3) Easy Login:

No need to add in login credentials and password, with Axis bank’s app you just need to remember your MPIN which is generated at the time of registration, so now you banking details are just 6 digits away isn’t the cool.


 4) Convenience to the customer:

 A) Don’t you hate it when you login in to your account after putting in login id and password, then go and find account details, under that find current balance and finally after a good 2 minute struggle you get your own bank balance, but with the axis bank app, balance is just right in front of you after you login with your MPIN, just hardly takes 5 seconds.

 B) Amount transfers were never so easy:

* Instant beneficiary’s addition, well you can transfer money to other Axis bank or other non Axis bank transfers within minutes.

* The best part is if you are transferring to other Axis bank account, you just require the account holders registered number with the bank  and that’s it beneficiary added.

 * If you are transferring to non axis bank account, you only require the account holders a/c no and ifsc code isn’t that convenient compared to the sluggish form filling and waiting for a good 8 to 48 Hrs to get you beneficiary added before you can transfer funds.


* Bill payments:

Large variety of bundled services for bill payment, telephones, cards, charity, DTH, Electricity, GAS etc. So now paying bill on the move just got dearer.


 5) Edge Rewards point’s redemption on app:

One more handy feature is loyalty points redeem through your Axis bank app, what’s more your points instantly gets approved and you receive the coupons in just minutes, being said that the app also has a feature through which it can locate the nearest offers according to the category chosen.

There are many other features such as:

 *New Cheque book request
*Cheque status and stop
*E-statement request / email registration
*Add beneficiary to favorites, once you have done a transfer, that so convenient on the go, just put in the amount and the transaction is done.

 That’s all in terms of the app, and they are still upgrading the app to better suit customer s requirement and the transformation is always on said Mr. Parminder.

 Had a wonderful time interacting with the staff of Axis bank as well as some fellow bloggers.

This post is about ‘Make the Axis Acquaintance‘ meet conducted by Axis Bank in association with 

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Perfect FIT with MYFIT

We are living in a high-tech age and this has made us lazy, very lazy. Shopping sites have grown leaps and bounds. Thou I never expected that to happen in a country like India where INTERNET is still emerging and people are not use to shopping online, however youth has accepted it with both hands and so have the conservative and cautious once.

Talking about shopping and not talking about clothing how is that possible. If you see and observe, there is always a discomfort when you think of buying clothing online talking for a man’s perspective, we are always use to the cut piece materials which we generally give to our tailors for stitching thou slowly and steadily the trend seems changing in India.

When I feel the need of buying trousers and shirts, I generally prefer branded clothing because now I am very much use to the size, variety of colors, patterns so on and forth, thou there are many sizes available and I always find it difficult to get the perfect size shirt and trouser of MY FIT.

Some common issues I have in ready-made shirts:

1) Shoulder Size is fix and if someone has a broad shoulder and lean body then have to take a plus size.

2) Generally straight fit not suiting body types.

3) Having a tall upper half body structure, I always have to buy a plus size just to get the length and get it altered.

Some common issues I have in ready-made Trousers:

1) Waist size – as per standard size either you get 32 or 34 – What about 33? Tailors alter fees needs to be added with every purchase of my trousers.

2) Trousers general come in straight type fit, and some offer slim fits, but I like a comfort upper half and narrow lower half of the trouser, which again I get it altered.

So, what is the solution of finding the right fit of shirts and trousers? Well recently good folks at indiblogger gave me the opportunity to discover Van Heusen’s MYFIT online boutique for formal shirts, trousers and suits with a voucher.


 Without any delays I went to my nearest Van Heusen outlet to know more about the MYFIT concept, I met the staff and they suggest me to try out some sizes in shirts and trousers, after trying out few sizes the staff suggested me the perfect size, shirt – 38 tall fit and trouser 33 snug fit, knowing all that I felt like wow, now no one can stop me from looking like a corporate stud.

After I knew about details of sizes ,it was time for some innovation time as I had to shop online from the official store for MYFIT – Van Heusen merchandise.

MYFIT is an exclusive program initiative by Van Heusen to help people achieve their perfect fit in shirts, trousers and suits, I will share my experience step wise so that we can capture all the options and know more about the versatile customization options in their online website store.

Let’s start with Shirts:

1) Body Type:

Now there are 6 body types mention in the online store, according to the body structure he can choose from various body types like:



 2) Size:

The first size starts from 38 which is a first in its segment, and just perfect for me too , however there are many other custom sizes mentioned, you can check the image below:

Shirt_size3) Fabric:

Some fresh, trendy and chic patterns and colors to choose from, hard to select one, just gets better and better.


4) Sleeves:

You have options to choose from 2 universal options, full or half sleeve.

Shirt_sleeves5) Sleeve Length:

A very thought over option of providing the length size customization, which is rare and one of a kind to get the perfect fit.

Shirt_sleeve_length6) Collar:

The trending style of the time, both the options are accordingly to provide you the perfect look.

Shirt_collar7) CUFF:

Cuffs have 2 options, Chisel and Double.

Shirt_cuffNext comes Trousers:

1) Body Type:
Here also we can see that there are 5 custom size type to choose from:
A) SNUG FIT B) Ultra Slim C) Slim D) CUSTOM E) Healthy
2) Choose Style:
They have placed two options here: A) Flat Front B) Pleated
3) Size – Waist:
Now the sizes mention here are some amazing customized sizes to get you the perfect fit, which you don’t generally get in other brands. I also got my perfect size which is 33.
4) Fabrics:
Fabrics are instrumentally grouped to better classify from diverse fabric group and save time in finding the right one, Groups include: A) Cottons B) Formals C) Premium Formals
5) Trouser Length:
Here also we can see that if you know the length of your trouser, you don’t have to give it for altering, which is a good feature.


The best part about this is you get the body type in all sizes, that’s like covering all body types.

After placing the order as per the above customization in shirts and trousers, i got the delivery in few days.


After trying out the Shirt for the first time, it was just the right fit, felt amazing just by the feel of it, just for comparison you can see the standard fit and MYFIT fitting in the below image:


Trousers were also up to the mark, just the right fit both the upper and lower part, in short the perfect fit that i was always looking for, just for comparison sharing the fittings of both standard and MYFIT trouser.



New Year Wishes

Drifting away are my thoughts
to this beautiful holiday wind
trying to capture these moments
through memories so deep within

A scent of blossom is all around
I can feel the happiness within
what a wonder time of the year
I want to capture the vibes it seems

Faces seem more lit up
as if they know what is coming
a year full of possibilities
awaits to be more fulfilling

The mind knows it is time
to restart and plunge once again
to all the things which couldn’t
but had the wings of soaring

To see the unseen and forecast
to judge the unknown from heart
We all are humans and we make mistakes
to which I say let’s give them another chance

My wishes are limited to words
but have more feeling then heard
Wishing all my readers, bloggers, friends

MERRY Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

winter fun


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