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India Digital Superstar – Upload your talent

Today as we see, digital content is increasing, people are on the move and they want to access their shows/programs/music through Internet which has taken  pace in these recent 6 to 7 years, isn’t it great that we can catch all the action on the move! But then there is a big issue of bandwidth in India, average of 20 to 30 kbps on normal 2g network means lots of lag in watching videos.

Considering the bandwidth issues all around India, Zenga TV came up with a unique solution and technology to stream videos without any interruption even at low bandwidth speed of 20 kbps, that means it is well optimized to give you uninterrupted digital content at a cost effective rate, considering the size of videos which is quite low, isn’t that good news for mobile and web users!!

Zenga TV provides digital content videos and has partnership with many channels in different genres like Daily News, Music, Movies, Sports, Food & Health, Fashion and some of major content provider/channels like  NDTV, Aaj Tak, MTV India, Reliance Movies, Speed Records.

Zenga TV recently tied up with India’s Digital Superstar the hunt for India’s online superstar on the tube, it’s a unique concept where participants upload their videos showcasing their talent and judged by audience through  shares and like on the videos, even you can upload the videos anytime anywhere 24/7 and its not restricted to any particular genre, you could be a Musicians, DJ’s, comedians, mimicry artists, dancers, contortionists, jugglers, singers, acro gymnasts and many more across all ages.

The show “India’s Digital Superstar” has been inaugurated by Atul Khatri (winner of CEO’s Got Talent – 2014), Salim Merchant, Anu Malik, Music Director Duo Vishal Shekhar, Director & Producer Anubhav Sinha, Bhoomi Trivedi and Swaroop Khan, thou  search has been started from 19th January 2015, still there is time for you to showcase you talent and  be the next Indian Digital Super star with mentors like Sunny Leone, Anu Malik, Vishal Dadlani, Salim Merchant , Jazzy B, Andy , Raftaar  and Anubhav Sinha, you are sure to get the best exposure, the winner of this contest will get one year contract of 20 lacs from FremantleMedia and One Digital, which is a one shot stardom chance. So all you people who wish for success and are talented showcase what you have to offer in this unique and one of kind talent hunt.

The show is trending on India’s Digital Superstar, Youtube, Zenga TV and already has millions of collective hits on videos which have been uploaded by participants, it is fast catching on and rocking the tube with power pack participant’s videos, which just speaks for its popularity and the viewership of the show.

Some of the recent trending videos which I really like are:

MIME ACT (at railway station) by Dhawal : This video is a fine example of facial and expressions dialogue delivery and just fits right to the whole scene created, you can check out the video below :

This Life | Nineteen47: A rap song, beautiful lyrics and beats with decent cinematography, a complete package check it out :

Celebrity Talks and masti:

Some talk and encouragement by artist from the industry on why India’s Digital Superstar is such a big platform:

1) Celebrities vs Agarmach

2) Aadesh Shrivastava

My favorite video from the episodes:

Salim Ke Saath:

If you see this episode which I personally like, there are showcase of some amazing videos uploaded and well some funny once as well,  the Anchor and Salim Merchant (singer, music director) chats in between the videos, sharing their views and opinion, which is one aspect I really liked:

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Redefining the Smart Phone – Zenfone 2

Life is moving at a very fast pace and we are experiencing a amazing galaxy of technology, specially mobile technology which is getting better and better, smarter, more efficient than ever before and what’s amazing is it keeps on evolving from time to time, innovation and a better consumer experience is what every mobile company competing for and it this list Asus is a major player in providing affordable, feature rich and stylish smart phones, in its current armor Asus has revealed the Asus Zenfone 2, which is comparatively with other phone it its segment a top notch, feature rich, stylish and user friendly experience.

Sharing my top 5 reasons why i feel Asus Zenfone 2 will redefine my smart phone experience:

1) Super RAM and processor – with a 64 BIT Quad Core processor of Intel Atom processor series and super 4 GB RAM DDR3 of dual channel inbuilt, web browsing, playing high configuration games like racing, fighting, strategic heavy multi player games shall be a super smooth experience, which in many smart phones we see these days have the tendency of lagging due to lower inbuilt RAM.

Processor Zenfone 2

2) Camera – Front and Rare: Considering the price range Asus is offering a 13 mega pixel rare with aperture of f/2.0 Camera Zenfone 2which is amazing with 4128 x 3096 pixels and 5 mega pixels front camera, auto focus and dual LED flash, that’s almost as good as a high end phone camera feature, compressed in this Asus Zenfone 2. So, now clicking pictures will be bliss with its 16 million colors 5 inch screen and 13 MP camera, one more cool feature is night photography, the camera has a booster to brighter the image by almost 400% at night with its pixel enhancing technology for capturing those amazing night clicks.

3) Design and Controls : The design if you see is a big curved, suiting a fair fit in the palm for that comfort of holding it for a longer time while we read, browse, play games, or simply text, besides that there is a key at the rare of the Asus Zenfone 2, which is perfect to take selfies, works as a volume rocker, i am totally loving this design factor because of the concept to keep the key in the center, that way it’s easy to navigate for both left handed or right handed person and it feels more natural fitting just right in the center!

Selfie Button on Zenfone 2

4) Super booster battery: Now, this is a revolution in mobile history, you can get the phone charged by 60% in 39 mins, that like a life savior when you are traveling and you want to watch movies, listen to music, check emails and browse the net, specially you have some important calls to make or maybe you require to have VoIP call on 3g which consumes lots of battery, the battery is comparatively more capable of charging faster with its BoostMaster technology.

5) A Unique feel of style with Color and design infuse patterns by the name of transfuse and illusion series:

WE know that these days phone are no longer bringing on the style statement really, same old solid colors, square body and a pretty flat 5 to 7 inch screen, so to change a vibe and get a classy yet stylish look Asus Zenfone 2 introduced the transfuse and illusion series, the color combination and those multi carat design is such form factor and a appealing design, you can check the image below and decide it for yourself!

Zenfone 2 series

So these were my 5 reasons, which is convincing enough to change the smart phone experience in such a perky price range!

Image Courtesy: Asus

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Bike Finance option in Pune

Ok, so now i was sorted which bike to purchase, if you have missed the previous post, you can check it out here: Finding new bike in Pune

Next stop in my quest to purchase a bike was finance, thou dad said we shall pay in cash, still I convinced dad about considering bike finance in Pune as many banks and financial corporation are providing convenient payment options, minimal documentation and long durations tenures which helps in paying as per individuals budget and prevents from sinking the pocket empty in one go.

financial reports.

Let me list a few major two wheeler loan providers in Pune  from the research I did while looking for the best one, a few in random list:

1) Bajaj Finance

2) ICICI Bank

3) HDFC bank

4) Tata Capital

5) Bank of India

6) State Bank of India

7) Kotak Mahindra Bank

If you are looking to compare them do consider the following parameters:4575652744_313x227

1) Interest rate (the lower the better)

2) Processing fees (has to be minimal)

3) Maximum repayment period (the higher the better)

Some of the basic documentation required as income proof in most bike loans procedures:

1) If you are salaried then

  • Should be 21 years or above
  • 3 months salary slip
  • Minimum gross income of 1.5 lacs per year
  • ITR or FORM 16 if applicable
  • Resident proof

2) If you are self employed then

  • Should be 21 years or above
  • Bank statement of 6 months minimum
  • Minimum gross income of 1.5 lacs per year after tax deduction
  • 2 years ITR with tax deductions if applicable

So, if you are sorted with your documentation, then you can avail the services of finance, however in this age where we compare every little thing before we purchase and as I have listed above some pointer for comparison. One major aspect is bike loan interest rate in Pune, let’s compare with an example for a better idea:

Loan Provider Rate of Interest Tenure Processing Fees
ABC Bank 10% 2 years 2% on total amount
ABC Finance 12% 3 years 1050.00
ABC Corporation 20% 2.5 years 1.5% on total amount
ABC FinCorp 15% 3 years 500.00

So which one is better? Considering the least amount of interest, processing fees and the maximum tenure period as a first option, in my example ABC FinCorp was providing a good interest rate with more tenure, so I would consider that as my first option as bike loan in Pune.

Summing all up, finding a decent bike finance in Pune is easy, considering you have proper documents in place, as approaching to any finance provider they require some guarantee that your pay back is considerable.

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Be Responsible – Do Right – Varanasi Boat School

The land of the Vedas as we call it doesn’t even have a literacy rate that it can proudly show upon, Yes India in the 21st century is still battling this war of illiteracy, we are amongst the top nations when it comes to higher illiteracy rates, thou we thrive to call our self’s the nation that gives most promising and prominent leaders but there is other side to this coin when it comes education. Thou the urban India is quite good in its literacy stats, but what about the rural areas, where reaching seems tough and understanding the right to education is still a challenge within the community, their mindset is what needs to be changed.

Education and literacy can bring down many issues that India faces like communism, terrorism and under development. Education can enlighten people through thinking rationally, be mature at making decisions, better understanding the rights, duties and responsibility of being a citizen.

Varanasi the cultural hub of India sadly is not that rich in its literacy level and education, children are drawn towards doing petty jobs, not realizing what the future holds and how they will make a life without no basic knowledge and proper education; this is prone to happen as education mechanism is not revived and there is a clear lack of proper infrastructure to facilitate and initiate educational establishments.

Focusing on Varanasi and talking about a concept to provide education to those individuals who struggle to meet ends and survive with just penny full in hand to make a living, I am talking about a unique BOAT school project by a true doer Ajeet Singh in Varanasi, a initiative to revive and make learning for them a fun place, this is not only helping these children learn but it is also keeping them away from streets and gettos which leads nowhere!

Thou this Varanasi boat school is just in its initial stage, it still needs a lots of modifications to truly get that magical transformation by creating a better and more viable place for these children to nurture their dream of proper basic education.

Many from us are blessed and have a good independent life, we live and earn to better out life and sometimes we do philanthropic acts to balance things and show our help in whatever we can manage.

Varanasi boat school

Now is the time to rise up, do what we can and help make this Varanasi boat school a much better place, so let’s pledge to help them achieve their goal and contribute in this very thought provoking idea of a boat school, I believe this form of donation is not only a contribution but also a motivation in your surrounding when you talk and discuss on such initiative, your contributing is as good as 5 others if you spread the word. So be the Robin-hood of your surrounding and help in this unique and one of a kind initiative.

You can contribute by clicking on the link here at : Varanasi boat school


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