My Favorite Phone Feature Wish list

Today, if we see, there are many phones or should i say SMART phones in the market, but if you start comparing them in their range of specification and the price they offer, you will be pleasantly surprised and at the same time a little confused on how to judge the specific brand, so after much research i sense that i just might have found my fav phone i,e, Zenphone2, guess what i am sharing my list of 10 reasons why Zenphone2 should be in your wishlist:

1) Super processor – with a 64 BIT Quad Core processor of Intel Atom processor series   web browsing, playing high configuration games like racing, fighting, strategic heavy multi player games shall be a super smooth experience, which in many smart phones we see these days have the tendency of lagging due to lower inbuilt RAM.

2) RAM Power: Super 4 GB RAM DDR3 of dual channel inbuilt which again is blessing for all those heavy social media geeks, gamers ,intensive browsers and videos watchers!

3) Crisp Camera – Front and Rare: Considering the price range, Asus is offering a 13 mega pixel rare with aperture of f/2.0 Camera which is amazing with 4128 x 3096 pixels and 5 mega pixels front camera, auto focus and dual LED flash, that’s almost as good as a high end phone camera feature, compressed in this Asus Zenfone 2.

4) Better Picture: So, now clicking pictures will be bliss with its 16 million colors 5 inch screen and 13 MP camera, one more cool feature is night photography, the camera has a booster to brighter the image by almost 400% at night with its pixel enhancing technology for capturing those amazing night clicks.

5) Design and Controls : The design if you see is a big curved, suiting a fair fit in the palm for that comfort of holding it for a longer time while we read, browse, play games, or simply text, besides that there is a key at the rare of the Asus Zenfone 2, which is perfect to take selfies, works as a volume rocker, i am totally loving this design factor because of the concept to keep the key in the center, that way it’s easy to navigate for both left handed or right handed person and it feels more natural fitting just right in the center!

6) Super booster battery: Now, this is a revolution in mobile history, you can get the phone charged by 60% in 39 mins, that like a life savior when you are traveling and you want to watch movies, listen to music, check emails and browse the net, specially you have some important calls to make or maybe you require to have VoIP call on 3g which consumes lots of battery, the battery is comparatively more capable of charging faster with its BoostMaster technology.

7) A Unique feel of style with Color and design infuse patterns by the name of transfuse and illusion series:
WE know that these days phone are no longer bringing on the style statement really, same old solid colors, square body and a pretty flat 5 to 7 inch screen, so to change a vibe and get a classy yet stylish look Asus Zenfone 2 introduced the transfuse and illusion series, the color combination and those multi carat design is such form factor and appealing as a design, you can check the image below and decide it for yourself!

Zenfone 2 series

8)  Display: The display screen of the phone is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which makes the screen stronger and tougher, as we see these days phone do tend to fall from our pockets, hands, desks here and there, so a solid screen does help !

9) 4G Ready: The phone comes with dual SIM card support and also supports 4G LTE connectivity apart from 3G, GPRS/ EDGE, GPS/ A-GPS, Bluetooth, Glonass, Wi-Fi, USB OTG, and NFC, as we know that 4G has commence its presence in India.

10) Amazing Price: with a price range of between 13000 to 21000, and if we compare the features the fav phone offers, i feel that this has to be the best bet, with feature rich and classy looks this has to be a must buy for everyone looking for a budget phone and who don’t want to compromise with good features.

The #sniffsniff Challenge – Mystery Unveiled

I recall that day, last week sunday it was when i received a parcel with an hashtag which said #sniffsniff, i was wondering what could be inside the box, i was curious what could be in a sqaure box, blue in color and said #sniffsniff, when i opened the box it came to my surprise that there was a card with a wooden cloth clip, in the card there was a man’s face in the front and a clip which i suppose was something to do with placing it on the nose, what comes to the with such clues? I tried to figure out the mystery but was clueless, what could these 2 combination come up to?

After a few day, i received one more sample, knocking on that door was a clue, i opened the door and took the parcel, one more box with that same hashtag #sniffsniff, guess what it was this time around! A handful size jute bag with coffee beans inside it, sounds funny right? A jute bag with coffee beans … hmm what could it be? The mystery darkens as i try to relate the 3 clue which i received, a card with man’s face drawn, a clip and now coffee beans! i took help from family members and friends, some said it was new coffee flavour, others said it was something related to new coffee flavored mint candy, many speculations but nothing seemed to be forming shape.

And then few more days passed by, the clues were roaming in my mind, and I was trying to crack the code of the clues I had, when the ring bell again, it was time for one more clue, this would be the deal maker I thought, excited while i ran towards the door to open, and there it was that dreaded box it was, with all the same hastag #sniffsniff, as if it was toying with me and telling me #sniffsniff and crack the code, and the clue was a nose mask which is used as a gear that restrict polluted air or foul smells entering your nose, this clue was giving a sharp hint along with other clues added in, i was sure that this is related to men odour, but what exactly this could be was still a mystery!

What next, few more days passed by, the mystery got even more spookier, those clues were indirectly saying something, odour maybe, something to do with men, coffee beans suggest a bad odour observer, things were trying to take shape, but still nothing firm to confirm what it was, and then on a sunny sunday the door bell rang again, i prayed that please no more clues I can’t guess what it is, and guess what this time a rectangle shaped box, with that hashtag  #sniffsniff haunting me again, but wait when i opened the box what i saw was rather surprising, things finally made sense when I slide through that box and bang it was a body Deodorizer, THE NEW NIVEA MEN DIODERIZER for that long lasting fragrance which helps you fight those bad odours and make you smell fresh all day long, wooo what a mystery it was, i have been using the Nivea Deodorizer for few days now, and if you were to believe me, it’s a smooth ride, the fragrance stays up for quite some time, almost all day long and guess what it’s not those gas wala dio, it’s a liquid solution and just few sprays over the body and you are good to go!!