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Perfect FIT with MYFIT

We are living in a high-tech age and this has made us lazy, very lazy. Shopping sites have grown leaps and bounds. Thou I never expected that to happen in a country like India where INTERNET is still emerging and people are not use to shopping online, however youth has accepted it with both hands and so have the conservative and cautious once.

Talking about shopping and not talking about clothing how is that possible. If you see and observe, there is always a discomfort when you think of buying clothing online talking for a man’s perspective, we are always use to the cut piece materials which we generally give to our tailors for stitching thou slowly and steadily the trend seems changing in India.

When I feel the need of buying trousers and shirts, I generally prefer branded clothing because now I am very much use to the size, variety of colors, patterns so on and forth, thou there are many sizes available and I always find it difficult to get the perfect size shirt and trouser of MY FIT.

Some common issues I have in ready-made shirts:

1) Shoulder Size is fix and if someone has a broad shoulder and lean body then have to take a plus size.

2) Generally straight fit not suiting body types.

3) Having a tall upper half body structure, I always have to buy a plus size just to get the length and get it altered.

Some common issues I have in ready-made Trousers:

1) Waist size – as per standard size either you get 32 or 34 – What about 33? Tailors alter fees needs to be added with every purchase of my trousers.

2) Trousers general come in straight type fit, and some offer slim fits, but I like a comfort upper half and narrow lower half of the trouser, which again I get it altered.

So, what is the solution of finding the right fit of shirts and trousers? Well recently good folks at indiblogger gave me the opportunity to discover Van Heusen’s MYFIT online boutique for formal shirts, trousers and suits with a voucher.


 Without any delays I went to my nearest Van Heusen outlet to know more about the MYFIT concept, I met the staff and they suggest me to try out some sizes in shirts and trousers, after trying out few sizes the staff suggested me the perfect size, shirt – 38 tall fit and trouser 33 snug fit, knowing all that I felt like wow, now no one can stop me from looking like a corporate stud.

After I knew about details of sizes ,it was time for some innovation time as I had to shop online from the official store for MYFIT – Van Heusen merchandise.

MYFIT is an exclusive program initiative by Van Heusen to help people achieve their perfect fit in shirts, trousers and suits, I will share my experience step wise so that we can capture all the options and know more about the versatile customization options in their online website store.

Let’s start with Shirts:

1) Body Type:

Now there are 6 body types mention in the online store, according to the body structure he can choose from various body types like:



 2) Size:

The first size starts from 38 which is a first in its segment, and just perfect for me too , however there are many other custom sizes mentioned, you can check the image below:

Shirt_size3) Fabric:

Some fresh, trendy and chic patterns and colors to choose from, hard to select one, just gets better and better.


4) Sleeves:

You have options to choose from 2 universal options, full or half sleeve.

Shirt_sleeves5) Sleeve Length:

A very thought over option of providing the length size customization, which is rare and one of a kind to get the perfect fit.

Shirt_sleeve_length6) Collar:

The trending style of the time, both the options are accordingly to provide you the perfect look.

Shirt_collar7) CUFF:

Cuffs have 2 options, Chisel and Double.

Shirt_cuffNext comes Trousers:

1) Body Type:
Here also we can see that there are 5 custom size type to choose from:
A) SNUG FIT B) Ultra Slim C) Slim D) CUSTOM E) Healthy
2) Choose Style:
They have placed two options here: A) Flat Front B) Pleated
3) Size – Waist:
Now the sizes mention here are some amazing customized sizes to get you the perfect fit, which you don’t generally get in other brands. I also got my perfect size which is 33.
4) Fabrics:
Fabrics are instrumentally grouped to better classify from diverse fabric group and save time in finding the right one, Groups include: A) Cottons B) Formals C) Premium Formals
5) Trouser Length:
Here also we can see that if you know the length of your trouser, you don’t have to give it for altering, which is a good feature.


The best part about this is you get the body type in all sizes, that’s like covering all body types.

After placing the order as per the above customization in shirts and trousers, i got the delivery in few days.


After trying out the Shirt for the first time, it was just the right fit, felt amazing just by the feel of it, just for comparison you can see the standard fit and MYFIT fitting in the below image:


Trousers were also up to the mark, just the right fit both the upper and lower part, in short the perfect fit that i was always looking for, just for comparison sharing the fittings of both standard and MYFIT trouser.



New Year Wishes

Drifting away are my thoughts
to this beautiful holiday wind
trying to capture these moments
through memories so deep within

A scent of blossom is all around
I can feel the happiness within
what a wonder time of the year
I want to capture the vibes it seems

Faces seem more lit up
as if they know what is coming
a year full of possibilities
awaits to be more fulfilling

The mind knows it is time
to restart and plunge once again
to all the things which couldn’t
but had the wings of soaring

To see the unseen and forecast
to judge the unknown from heart
We all are humans and we make mistakes
to which I say let’s give them another chance

My wishes are limited to words
but have more feeling then heard
Wishing all my readers, bloggers, friends

MERRY Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

winter fun

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Banega Swachh India – A Mission for Cleaner India

About the Campaign: “Banega Swachh India”

RB Group (formerly called Reckitt Benckiser) has  initiated a campaign “Dettol – Banega Swachh India” with a 100 crore fund infusion and  5 year Mission to spread the message of sanitation and hygiene through partnering with  TV media  NDTV and social media platform facebook  to educate people across the country about the message of sanitation and hygiene, they have joined hands with knowledge partners Feedback Foundation for this campaign.

 What is the Initiative based on:

Swachh Bharat Abyaan, a intiative by the present government and Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi to spread the message across the nation about basic sanitation, hygiene and setting up of toilets for people who do not have facility in their own premises or slums/cluster to build/construct toilets with the help of government run schemes, policies and awareness.


India is a vast country and there are many states, cities, towns and villages so it gets difficult to spread the message across in each and every corner for any public related curriculum/message to be voiced across equally.

The Swachh Express

The Swachh Express was on a mission to give voice to the message across 400 villages which is spread across 8 states which included Haryana, Rajasthan, UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, MP and Maharashtra. The objective of the bus was to create awareness around hygiene and sanitation through interactive videos, flyer distributions, posters, hand-washing sessions and street plays.

As a part of the campaign folks at indiblogger presented me the opportunity to be a part of the Swachh Express campaign which I accepted gladly and joined the Swachh Express & NDTV media team in the ending phase of the campaign, Sharing my experience, views on the same.

The Campaign Chronicle

 Part: 1 – Dahisar – Mumbai

There are cluster of slums in and around the Dahisar stretch and we visited one of the them with the help and support of local Co-operator. After we reached the slums, we saw that many people were noticing the SWACHH EXPRESS BUS and were curious about what was going on, we all tried our bit to make them comfortable and went on to explain them to come and know about the SWACHH BANEGA India campaign and how it is related to everyone of us. One by one people started to gather and a message across the slum was floated to which many came to attend what we had to convey them


Mr. Vinod Kumar Pathak of feedback foundation started speaking and educating people about the message of Banega  Swachh India campaign and why cleanliness, basic hygiene such has hand washing, personal sanitation and toilets within the slum/premises are essential for eliminating major diseases and for a better and cleaner tomorrow.

People started to take more interest in his speech and how he was putting the message forward, why defecate in open is effecting them and why is there a need for proper sanitation and toilets, to which they also interacted and asked many question and shared their grievances, some of the major issues were:

  1. Lack of knowledge and know how on about constructing toilets in a cost effective budget
  2. No place for constructing toilets
  3. No major help from the Nagar Palika (Local body administration)
  4. No real initiative or campaign before this about such topics in their area/locality.

To which Mr. Pathak explained them one by one what can be the solutions and how they can make things work within their budget to build toilets and have proper sanitation measures, the former local Co-operator also joined in to explain them patiently and made them understand what Mr. Pathak was conveying them,  some of the pointer were:

  1. If there is unity within the slum for sanitation and building toilets, then the Nagar Palika shall help in with space.
  2. If Nagar Palika is not aware of the poor state of sanitation and hygiene in the area, make them aware about it.
  3. Charity begins at home, so unite and collect enough to start initiating for a toilet in your slum at every juntion; there should be an agenda that no one goes out in the open for defecating.IMG_2299

Overall people went back home happy and contained  with a sense and knowledge of sanitation, hygiene  and importance of why build toilets and why defecating will only build up to the problems and spread diseases.

Part: 2 – Shivaji Nagar, Baianwadi – Waste Dumping Ground  (Govandi) – Mumbai

 It was daylong nationwide event-  part of cleanathon and what better place to spread the message across, WE went early in the morning at Mumbai’s oldest  dumping ground at  Shivaji Nagar, Baianwadi  , the team(NDTV and Swachh Express)  had asked  children from Magic bus Foundation to join and share their experience and spread the message across as it was recording live.

IMG-20141215-WA0015                           IMG-20141215-WA0012IMG-20141215-WA0007

Impact Area – Magic Bus : Health and Hygiene (Extract from

  1. By the time a Magic Bus child finishes his or her first year, she or he starts exhibiting a high degree of health-related knowledge, beliefs and practices.
  2. 77.52% of children at Magic Bus follow good practices related to personal hygiene including hand washing, brushing, bathing and cutting nails. (Study 1 )
  3. 100% of the sample selected of Magic Bus children who graduate from our programme believe:
  • That open defecation is a major health hazard. (This is significant especially in light of the fact that 60% of Indians still defecate in the open. (Study 3)
  • That substance abuse (including smoking cigarettes) is harmful. (Study 3)
  • That playing sports is crucial to maintaining a healthy mind and body. (Study 3)IMG-20141215-WA0014

My Experience/take on Campaign :

The Swachh Express is a positive initiative and it’s bringing positive change in the mindset towards sanitation, hygiene and other grey areas and I have seen it in the campaign itself, people initially do lash out as they are frustrated but if they are educated well they do corporate and help in spreading the word and try to accept and build upon a change because hygiene and sanitation is something related to you me and all.

Special Thanks to the NDTV crew members – Saurabh Khanna, cordinator and briefing, Manoj Kumar administration, Sanjay Kaushik  behind the lens, Balbir and Kuldeep, the drivers  and Mr. Vinod  Pathak of Feedback Foundation who were very cooperative throughout my trip.

To know more about the campaign and other details : click here - Banega Swachh India


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