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Streaming with Bluetooth the new FAB

It has been decades since TV’s have been a part of our family, earlier we didn’t use to have so many channels, just a few but we still enjoyed and accepted them as our daily routine to watch those serials, cartoons, music. But now with the cutting edge advancement in technology we have access to more than 100 plus channels, and we are totally spoiled for choices.

Now that we have so many channels and there are multiple genre of production for instance  separate channels for Movies, Music, Sports, daily serials, food, lifestyle and so on and forth, considering the appetite of our consumption of watching, we have also grown the appetite for better sound with enhance bass and tremble to get those accurate beats while listening to our favorite artist sing.

At the early 1990, while my growing up days, dad brought a home theater which had like 1 woofer and 5 speakers and we all use to listen to it like mad, we had a sort of jam session where we sang along with family like karaoke session and have a blissful time.

Now that we are in the 20th century and thanks to the growing and advance technology we are going wireless with the invention of live streaming Bluetooth through multiple devices which are available in the market that plays as a host to our home theatre and we can easily get connected to multiple devices supporting Bluetooth like our laptop, tablet, smart phones, MP3 players, sounds amazing doesn’t it! Instant party starter in a way.


Thou I am bit skeptical that some of you guys have a home theater at your place, it doesn’t have to be as swanky but even a decent 1 woofer 2 speaker or a good quality sound bar is a good enough alternative from your basic mobile, laptop or TV speakers.


So if you are still unaware of such technology or still feeling lazy to search the local market for a decent Bluetooth streamer, Bluetooth enabled speakers, home theaters then don’t waste any further time and get the stuff you want, get spoiled for choices and awesome deals, so if you have not invested on one yet, get it right away!!

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Indulge in Healthy Breakfast Habits

Doctors suggest having a heavy breakfast, moderate lunch and light dinner, sounds right, but as in many Indian homes its complete opposite, we have light breakfast bread butter or eggs, moderate lunch and a hefty fulfilling family dinner, doesn’t sound right! But when everything is taken for granted then you are pretty much consolidating with your health and diet to stay fit.  

The alarm rang in full glory to wake Mr Shukla up, Mrs. Shukla from the kitchen shouting above the alarm from the kitchen to wake him up, both (alarm and Mrs Shukla trying their best however it’s a Saturday morning and Mr Shukla is feeling lazy to open up his eyes and fresh up as its holiday, but after skipping couple of alarm snooze he finally wakes up, dragging himself to the bathroom to freshen up. Yawning with arms stretched wide Mr Shukla asks what’s for breakfast honey, he gets a reply as today is holiday I have prepared omelet, roti, some leftover chicken and yes paratha’s with chutni, happy Mr. Shukla said bring it on, after having a so called yummy breakfast Mr. Shukla goes out for walk and have some chit chat with Mr. Guptaji, who is a lecturer at a collage and also society secretary. Mr Gupta always has a smile on his face and has solutions of his sorts to all the problems.

Mr Shukla had gone to Mr. Gupta for some discussion on the general meeting to held in the society and were discussing agenda’s, meanwhile Mrs. Gupta interrupted and asked, will you guys have something tea, coffee snacks? Mr. Shukla replied yes i will have tea but please don’t bring any snacks, cause I have already had a good enough breakfast cum lunch, giggling and contained Mrs. Gupta said, you don’t seem healthy and fit Shuklaji, I think I need to invite you and Mrs Shukla for a breakfast tomorrow and have a good chat over some healthy tasty snacks and breakfast, dont say NO Mr. Shukla because you have to be there.

After completing the session with Mr. Gupta, he went back home and asked Mrs Shukla, do I look unhealthy?  She replies: No not at all, you don’t seem unhealthy to me but unhealthy to a person who is a health conscious, and Mr. Shukla replied; how do you know that? And she replies; well, I just wanted to say, you seem unhealthy but I didn’t want to make you feel bad about it, and Mr. Shukla says did you know what Mrs. Gupta told me? She said I seem unhealthy and unfit and she has called both of us to her place over a chit chat, healthy snacks and breakfast.

Sunday morning and it was a beautiful sunrise, Mr. Shukla and her misses got ready and headed towards Mr. Gupta’s home for a Sunday brunch,  Mr. Shukla  and Mr. Gupta both were discussing about politics and Mrs Gupta called up Mrs. Shukla to the kitchen to discuss about some healthy alternatives considering Mr. Shukla’s health.

Let’s check out the alternatives Mrs. Gupta suggested:

Apple Cinnamon Cornflakes 10341715_1068823029801445_6297259744697487370_n Chapatti Cornflakes Chivda 10400767_1072166286133786_4827741788568150936_n Cornflakes Coconut Ladoos 10987388_1074480939235654_1420944845646161066_n Fulfilling veg cornflake salad 11041788_1069989636351451_2442174925576577749_n

Sitaphal Cornflakes 11081336_1072175216132893_4654613932050038427_n Mrs. Shukla couldn’t thank Mrs. Gupta enough for providing her such useful, easy to make, yummy, light, and delightful yet so power pack with the goodness of nutrition, irons, fibre combine.  So, let’s make our life healthy and include such healthy, nutrition rich food in our daily routine and benefit from the whole goodness of a combination of taste as well as health

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Rejuvenate Life with Hydro-JAL

Let’s admit this, we as individuals are always look out for living a healthy lifestyle and try to adapt to new and advance  technology to keep ourselves in shape, but in the process we do miss some quintessential aspect of staying healthy and the most important aspect i.e. WATER. Yes, as we all know that our human body contains 70% water, which means we are missing out on our main diet to stay healthy and fit that is WATER.

You must be thinking that you have fair amount of water daily (3 to 4 liters) to keep yourself healthy and pumped up, but let me just share some information about the difference in water purification process and differentiate which one has more benefits:

First let’s talk about Acidic Water:

Acidic water is purified water, which we use to drink water, wash our daily vegetables and it is used in Cola beverages and soft drinks.

According to U.S. Enviourmental Protection Agency, purified water which is mineral free has high level of active absorbing carbon dioxide from air which makes the water acidic, even COLA beverages and other soft drinks (with or without sugar) are made from purified water which is unhealthy if consumed regularly.

Even many health care practitioners and scientist from around the world have said that ageing and disease is accumulation   of acid waste products in our body mainly of Acidic Water. There is much scientific documentation that supports such theories.

So, what we are understanding is purified water is basically acidic water, its mineral free and due to this it absorbs carbon dioxide from air thus the chances of developing deficiencies in mineral count in our body and an acid state, thou purified water is acidic and it helps in a way of drawing poisons out of the body, but once accomplished it is not a good idea to continue. Diseases and early death is more likely seen with long term drinking of purified water and should be avoid except in special circumstances

What is the solution?

The body requires water which is rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium, also known as Alkaline, longevity is associated with regular consumption of alkaline water which are high on minerals, Ionized water is the best possible drinking water.

What is pH Level?

pH level is a range between 0 to 14 and it scales how much acidic or alkaline the water is, lower value is acidic, 7 is neutral and above that is alkaline.

pH Scale

Let’s compare and see why tap water is dangerous to our health and how Ionized Alkaline water helps?

Ordinary  Water Ionized/Alkaline Water
· Highly Contaminated due to environment  hazard

·  Chlorinated

· Toxic Metals inclusion

· Chemically treated to kill bacteria

· Bacteria even after chemically treated means toxic for body

·  Adding of Fluoride for teeth strengthens thou too much fluoride consumption can lead to dental fluorosis

· Balanced PH level between 7.5 to 10 means optimum for drinking water.

·  Purified, Ionized and Alkaline so all the harmful chemical and bacteria are filtered and the richness of Alkaline makes it balanced for drinking water

·  Supports healthy immune

·  Antioxidant Rich

How can we get avail benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water?

Without any further delay, let me introduce to you the future smart of purified Alkaline water solution Hydro-Jal, basically it’s not just a water purifier with High pH level but also a multi solution to household water need as per  lower pH levels needed at different times.

Hydro-Jal Model

Let me just share with you the benefits of clean, filtered, and alkaline water produced by Hydro-Jal Plus and see how beneficial it can be for your body.Glass of Water

  • Perfect pH: Instantly delivers the selected pH water with a range of 5 to 10.5. You are equipped with the best tool to throw out harmful acids from your body and infuse your body with alkalinity.
  • Antioxidant-rich Water: The antioxidant rich water removes free radicals from your body and slows down the aging process.
  • More Hydrating than Tap Water: The micro-clustered water is more easily absorbed, has the ability to better penetrate body cells, delivers increased hydration, and vital nutrients are better absorbed by the body.
  • Easy to Operate: Hydro-Jal Plus comes with soft touch buttons on a large LCD touch screen display that shows pH and ORP value of the outgoing water, rate of water flow through the ionizer, temperature of the water, electrolysis status of the ionizer, cleaning status of the ionizer, total water output of the ionizer.
  • Easy to Install: Hydro-Jal Plus can be installed within minutes. It comes with a diverter kit that fits all standard kitchen faucets and you do not have to be an expert to complete the installation process.

On the other hand Hydro-Jal is also used for source of providing Acidic water for household practical use, so its multi tasking/multi purpose, lets first look at what are the specifications of acidic water:

  • Has a pH between 2 and 4
  • Has an ORP between +800 and +1200
  • Has a hypochlorous acid component from 1 to 30 mg/l
  • Is micro-clustered
  • Is heavy in H+ ions

Acid Water is of two types:

  1. Mild: Used on skin, hair, and nails
  2. Strong: Used for cleaning and sterilizing

Skin and Hair

Useful for dry skin patches or rough skin.
Use as a hand sanitizer. It will not dry out the hands.
Replace expensive skin moisturizers and creams with acid water.
Use for skin rashes or baby diaper rash.
Use to prevent shaving bumps.
Use as an aftershave.
Use for poison ivy and other plant rashes.
Use on skin for Eczema. Spray three times a day and let air dry.
Use for dandruff. Spray after shampoo and let air dry.
Use for acne of every type. Spray after washing and let air dry.
Use to lessen the appearance of scars.
Spray in shoes to disinfect and deodorize.
Use in place of deodorant
Pour into bath water to soften skin.
Spray on face for a refreshing feeling.
Use as a soak for sore rough feet.
Use for Athletes Foot.
Use for female yeast infections and other female issues.
Use for toe fungus.

Food Preparation
Use to kill bacteria on fruits and vegetables by using the mist or dipping.
Use in meat and dairy product facilities as a sterilizing and cleaning agent.

Internal Disinfectant
Use as a mouthwash and gargle.
Use as toothpaste.
Use for pink eye.
Use for ear infections.
Use for infected tooth or gums.
Use as a gargle for sore throat.
Use as an enema.
Use to treat bad breath.

First Aid and Sterilizer
Use for burns.
Use for minor cuts and scrapes.
Use to promote faster healing of cuts and wounds.
Use to stop bleeding in minor cuts.
Use on boils.
Use in doctor’s office for cleaning and as an antibacterial agent.
Use in clinical applications to sterilize surgical instruments.

Cleaning Purposes
Use to sanitize bathrooms and kitchen counters.
Use as a streak free glass and mirror cleaner.
Use for cleaning wooden floors.
Use to clean dirt from all over the house.
Use to disinfect human and pet bedding.
Use for auto glass.
Use for chrome polishing.
Use to sanitize phones.
Use to sanitize computer keyboards (light spray).
Use on doorknobs and handles to disinfect.
Use for deodorizing.

Use in cat litter boxes to kill odor and bacteria.
Use on animal skin for any kind of skin issue.
Spray in bird cages. The water will not hurt the bird.

Bug Control
Spray on ant trails to deter them.
Kills many types of spiders and insects.

How to Produce Acid Water

Acid water is produced as a byproduct of electrolysis process, which is drained in your kitchen sink. You can make arrangements to collect this water. If you want more acid water, you can choose “Beauty or “Wash” settings on Hydro-Jal Plus.

The Big Added Advantage

The best thing about using acid water for skin and as a cleaning agent around the house is that you avoid using any harmful chemicals. This is great for your health as well as safe for the environment.

Free demo of Hydro-Jal at your home that also includes testing of acidic level of your drinking water, that’s amazing, isn’t it!

Hydrp-JAL Ask for a demo

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Happiness Costs nothing

We are living in the 21st century and everything is cutting edge, high tech and it is just getting better day by day, this is making life simpler but in a sense more complicated for us, thou we are working our self’s towards future but a time has come when we can just manage everything all by our self’s, we don’t want a company and all we require is our mobiles, tablets, e-books, laptops to just fulfill our wishes in a click of a button and be our best company.
Well, so what does one do to be happy these days is really a very materialistic approach towards looking at things, and i think this is not the optimum happiness or satisfaction we always have urged for in the recent past centuries.
For me happiness has always been something which is lot to do in seeing someone happy and to be in that moment with the person, let me share a experience which really made me my day:
It was evening time and i was returning back from work to home, very tired and a bit dull, as it was late night around 10.30pm, i was struggling to find a taxi, from a few distance away from me was a lady who was also battling to find a taxi, in the meanwhile i manage to get the cab and sat and offered the lady if i could drop here somewhere, she was a bit unsure about it first, but after i urged that its late night and there wont be any cabs coming soon, she agreed to sit. To break the ice i started the conversation and asked her about where she exactly wanted to go so that i could first drop her, after having a brief conversation i asked her about what she does and where she works, it worked out that she was my friends friend and she was pleasantly surprised and contained to know that, it brought happiness to her face which really made my day in the sense that its such a small world and how people just connect, these deeds of helping someone in the time of need is really something that people in this world have forgotten, thou we live for our self’s, but these small gestures of kindness can also play a significant help in other peoples life.
Happiness is contagious and the more we spread it the more we make this world a better place to live, life is tough and days are challenging to what we are looking up-to, just a thought of happiness in this struggle also will lead to a smooth journey in this bumpy ride of life, where love and happiness battles  all odds and scores a WIN.


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